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Our teaching philosophy is based on traditional Ashtanga yoga. We focus on healing and fitness for mind and body, adapting to each student's needs.

We are here to celebrate and empower your journey toward personal transformation and wellbeing.

Welcome to Fifth Avenue Yoga.

For Fitness And Healing

We understand that people come to yoga for different reasons including fitness, healing of back and other injuries, calming of the mind, and spiritual. We will focus on helping you to develop a personal practice focused on your needs.

Mind And Body

Yoga is an ancient science for healing of the Mind And Body. 

There are  

Asta=Eight  Anga=Limbs  Yoga=Union


"The Eight Limbs of Yoga"

The author of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali, described yoga as eight limbs of a tree: Yama, ethical disciplines; Niyama, self observation; Asana, posture; Pranayama, breath control, sense withdraw; Dharana meditation; and Samadi, a state of joy and peace. Therefore possibly one of the greatest misconceptions of yoga is that it is a purely physical practice.

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